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Baby Sleep Sounds White Noise
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Baby sleep music that makes you feel relaxed.To help your baby listen to music comfortably, all sound sources played in the app are FLAC format audio.FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec and is...

Baby sleep music that makes you feel relaxed.To help your baby listen to music comfortably, all sound sources played in the app are FLAC format audio.FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec and is one of lossless compression formats for audio data compression. Unlike the compression format of ordinary audio files, FLAC does not lose any audio stream during the compression process, resulting in excellent sound quality and natural sound. In addition, it feels like the actual nature of the high-quality stereo sound.The length of one sound is 4 to 8 minutes. Because the sound is long, you can listen to music comfortably and smoothly. There are music box lullabies, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, car trips, mother's stomach, sound of waves on the sea beach, rain, falls in the water of small waterfalls, forests where birds sing, wind chimes and sleep sound mixes. .White noise is good for your body. A certain level of white noise is said to contribute not only to the mental health of modern people but also to creativity and memory. White noise is surprisingly lullaby for children. The fetus hears all kinds of sounds in the belly of a mother who is a pelvic. From the heartbeat sound of my mother to the digestive sounds of food. White noise is already familiar to the fetus before it comes out of the world. When the fetus is hearing 6 months of pregnancy, the child has already heard a loud noise over three months at the time of the fetus. Especially, the sound of hair dryer and vacuum cleaner is similar to the sound in the uterus due to the frequency band, frequency change and movement similar to each other.For adults as well as children, white noise can help with sleep and relaxation, probably because of the memory of the sounds that existed before they came out of the world.Use it when you're sleeping, when you're driving, when you're driving, when you're at work, when you need to relax during meditation times. Your mind is relaxed and your concentration is improved.Current streams- Music Box Lullaby- Hairdryer- Vacuum Cleaner- Car Journey- Womb Music- Ocean Waves-Rain-Forest-Wind Chimes-Relaxing Sleep MixThe sleep timer function automatically stops at the specified time.Pressing Back also runs in the background, and you can pause and end playback in the notification window.Drag the menu button on the main screen or the left corner to display the menu.When you are not using the app, click Quit to stop the playing sound and to close the app.To play the player, click the button at the bottom of the main screen.When the phone rings or makes a call, the player pauses and the player starts again when the call ends. If other apps use audio, the player pauses and plays again when you click the play button in the notification window.Even when the day is dark, it becomes an age when there is no obstacle to everyday life. Since the invention of the light, the human biorhythm law has begun to be broken, which means that it must sleep when it becomes dark. There were many families sleeping at midnight during the night when TV broadcasting was stopped at late night, but nowadays, there are many people who can watch TV every 24 hours and use smart devices. This increases the number of people suffering from sleep disturbances. One of the ways to overcome this kind of life-threatening disability is to have a 'relaxing music' like the sound of nature. If the tranquil nights are lonesome and empty, listen to the natural sounds that are more comfortable than watching video.According to a report by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, about 30% of adults are suffering from sleep disorders, including chronic insomnia. One of the ways to overcome this kind of sleep disturbance is to listen to music comfortably to induce sleep.You need an internet connection to play the sound in a streaming way. Please connect with WiFi and play it because you need data.

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