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3D Hero Super Spider Rider - Moto Traffic Shooter
Galassia Studios


Ride the mean streets of Vegas Gangster Crime City as 3D Hero Super Spider Rider & bring gangsters of 3d Vegas Gangster Crime City to legacy of justice in this traffic shooter racing game. Ride super ...

Ride the mean streets of Vegas Gangster Crime City as 3D Hero Super Spider Rider & bring gangsters of 3d Vegas Gangster Crime City to legacy of justice in this traffic shooter racing game. Ride super fast motor bikes as a strange spiderweb incredible hero fighter, Fire missiles, use NOs, spider web or simply destroy cars with turrets and guns and targets to come out victorious as you play this traffic shooter superhero Vegas Gangster fighting game. Drift your super fast sports motor bike traffic hunter & destroy cars in this fast paced traffic shooting moto racing game with a twist of 3D hero traffic hunter game as well. Being last hope of humanity's fluchtplan spider super incredible hero legend has always served this Vegas Gangster City in the dark nights with its mutant powers. Amazing super spider legacy has always played his role on catching the reckless bad guys, fighting the super villains, monsters and criminals who have tried to destroy the peace of the metropolis city and cause injustice among civilians, before they getaway. The legacy of amazing spider 3D hero has proved himself a true hero traffic shooter. Ride on your traffic hunting ride to take on the most dangerous villains and monsters in the reckless moto traffic hunting race. Race your rival racers and dominate everyone throughout the metropolis city as a superfast amazing spider hero traffic hunter, just when police block city isn't an option anymore.Drive like a bullet, ride on the roads of the most beautiful miami city in this breakout battle of heroes and beat your super power opponents in this getaway motor bike race endless fighting game. The only goal of mutant super incredible hero legend is to recklessly race throughout the city prevail over the super villains. It's a breakout battle of strange superhero fighting. It's a combat of super powers. Show your super power racing skills. Drive like no one can. Show some stunts that no one has courage to do. When you are on your super-fast motor racing bike the whole city is yours in this battle of heroes of chaos. Ride and race like a pro and dominate the city and show your abilities because the heroes never die. Use your super powers to assualt enemy soldiers, and take the villains out of the race or ride like a fastest man alive with rope, chains and sticks. Hit your rivals with stick, rope or change if you or play clean if you want to have a clean ride and race. With amazing turns on the road and busy highway will make this heroes battle difficult and this game wild. In the world of climbing wall, spider super hero league ranger is here to show justice and amazing bike stunts.Become an ultimate champion hero & super flying spider of this amazing moto city fight against incredible gangsters & vice criminals. Super villain & mafia hero in battlezone can dominate you by their amazing mutant stealth moto ride shooting action but you as a super spider have some supernatural powers to defeat them so you need to varnish the last hope of gangster survival. Defeat & smash the agent of gangster team brutally by your amazing fighter & rider skills in battlefield. So, be like hero & master of destruction against your hardcore enemy, rival & opponents to make your city heaven for innocent people. Don’t let them escape from your attack in this way you will finish the war in battlezone by your amazing & real stunts action. So let’s start playing this 3D action filled super spider rider in moto citygame like a fearless fighter and win an amazing battle.Features of 3D Hero Super Spider Rider:1) Immersive 3D Racing and Bike Stunt Environment2) Unique Powers to destroy on-coming traffic and enemies3) Realistic Racing Game 3D Sound Effects4) Amazing game physics 5) Plenty of levels to complete6) Bat, spiderweb and chain with strange super powers to make game more interesting

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  • Tyler2017-06-14

    love it


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