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Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Life Simulator
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Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Life Simulator welcome you to mom games. A lot of hard work and struggle pays off for a super dad & mom from Arabia who will achieve the goal of his life in this fami...

Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Life Simulator welcome you to mom games. A lot of hard work and struggle pays off for a super dad & mom from Arabia who will achieve the goal of his life in this family simulation games & virtual mom games. From a small town American dad is now a billionaire enjoying happy family life. Enjoy dance party with virtual family fun and spend life in shopping mall games. Super dad makes plan to get settled in abroad and enjoy happy life with luxury lifestyle as in real life simulator. Play virtual family simulation games to enjoy the luxury life of a billionaire. A better lifestyle is to have fun at house party with super mom games. A management game helps to manage virtual dad life who manage daily routine of a billionaire who is on summer vacation trip with family. Become a lovely mom in family picnic games by helping out happy family. Step into the shoe of virtual family games and spend time with your little one, take care of your wife and enjoy shopping games with super dad. You should also entertain yourself with late night parties in wealthy lifestyle. Invite your friends over lunch or dinner at your newly bought mansion where you’re living in happy family life. Celebrate family vacation enjoying house party games. Act as a multitasker and arrange all the luxuries for your super family mom & dad. Rich dad will go to Dubai dance party and super mom will celebrate happy life on family trip. Play Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Life Simulator and Imagine the buzz of super dad games of living a virtual billionaire family life with fun. Start summer vacation trip by enjoying family picnic games and go towards the five-star hotel on family vacation. Let your kids dreams come true when you buy a family pet & luxury mansion for family trip. Move to the new home with lovely mom and kids. You are crazy to buy a dream car. Visit the car showroom for car buying. Plan a day out in virtual family picnic games & visit the shopping mall games. Buy a surprise gift for sweet wife on her birthday. You love pets and so does your kids. Join the expensive pet house games of town to buy a pet for your little boy but remember to prioritize the ethics and safety of your family. Make a pet house games for cute pet inside your billionaire mansion. Play this new virtual game to explore every feature of this amazing billionaire family fun life. Time to plan house party games with your friends or take fun of shopping games. Enjoy dad simulator and show some moves on the dance party to impress father and son. The real challenging virtual family games is to oversee virtual dad & mom life. Write your own success story and don’t forget to mention ups and downs in life. Live a peaceful life by escaping the unexpected elements of daily routine life.Indulge in lifestyle of a real billionaire and play a role as super dad and lovely husband to go for shopping mall games in real world families. It is difficult to manage family activities and summer vacation in big city life. Be a family man & American dad and win all house games to fun real life simulator. Virtual billionaire is beautifully designed virtual family games that allow super mom to take fun with home activities to give comfort to family pet. If you like to play shopping games in which you have to entertain your family and friends, then this is perfect party game. This is an amazing game to experience the family life of a great billionaire in this virtual family games.Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Life Simulator Features• Impressive environment and control• Smooth gameplay like house party games• Entertaining sound effects • Stunning 3D graphics & interesting levels• Realistic animations like virtual life simulator

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